Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Why do we Procrastinate

It is time we take a look at procrastination, a subject very dear to my heart and a bad habit I am finding myself struggling with today (it is strange how appealing the ironing can look). We all can have the tendency to procrastinate. However when it gets out of control to the point of affecting your potential success, then it is time to do something about it.

What is it about procrastination that makes it such a problem? You may think that you are spending all day busy working. Only the reality is that you have been avoiding the important and necessary tasks in favour of the simple/easy ones and haven’t accomplished anything vital.

How can you reduce your procrastination? It is important to realise early when you are procrastinating, and then put the steps in place to stop and focus back on your work.

In order to be able to reduce the amount time being wasted you need to work out why you are procrastinating. What is it about that particular task you are avoiding?

*Is it a task you don’t enjoy?
*Are you afraid of not being perfect
*Is the project overwhelming?
*Are you unsure where to start?
*Do you doubt that you have the skills or knowledge needed?
*Some possible solutions to those reasons could be.

The project is overwhelming. What you will need to do is break it down into smaller more manageable pieces. Initially decided on the first few important steps and start with them. For the rest of the project keep viewing it as small and manageable tasks and not a big scary project.

I don’t enjoy the task. It is important to find a way to motivate yourself, there are many different methods which could help but we will focus on a couple. Method 1: decide on a reward that you will receive when you have completed the task. Make it something really worth while, something that you would definitely be motivated to achieve. Method 2: spend time focusing on what the consequences would be if you don’t accomplish the task. Is it worse than actually taking care of the task in the first place? Is it a consequence you could live with? If not, than get motivated and get to work.

It must be perfect. We all take pride in our work and want to do a good job, but you need to remember that there is no such thing as perfect.

I have looked at a few reasons/excuses for procrastinating. In the next article I will investigate other tips and tricks to reduce your procrastination and start to accomplish more.

Rachael Ross
Purely Peppermint
The home and office organising expert, helping individuals and businesses establish a successful home office.

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