Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Quick Fire Working from Home tip: Boundaries to set

When you are based at home, it can sometimes be difficult to keep the different areas of separate. The office may spill into other rooms, the hours may spill into the weekend and interruptions may be a drain on your time.

To help with that delicate balance you may want to set boundaries around some of the following.

1. Your working hours (including breaks).
2. How much overtime will you do?
3. Working weekends.
4. Time lost through interruptions.
5. How to be contacted.
6. Dealing with constant emails.
7. Dealing with potential work offers that do not fit your values.
8. Anything that is not an effective use of your time.
9. Have a clearly defined work space.
10. Keeping your office contained.

Rachael Ross
Purely Peppermint
The home and office organising expert, helping individuals and businesses establish a successful home office