Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Quick Fire Working from Home tip: Having Focus

Some days you are able to fly through several tasks and complete more than you had scheduled. Then there are the days when you just can seem to concentrate on anything specific and spend a lot of time doing very little. What can be done to improve your focus it has become blurry.

1. When are you most productive?
2. Work on one task at a time.
3. Prioritise.
4. Have a clutter free work space.
5. Take regular breaks.
6. Work around your family needs.
7. Remove distractions.
8. Have a target to work towards.
9. Set aside time to work uninterrupted.
10. Know your priorities.

Rachael Ross
Purely Peppermint
The home and office organising expert, helping individuals and businesses establish a successful home office.

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